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7 Types of Ads that You Can Involve in Your Digital Marketing

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Online advertising has changed a lot since last 20 years when it was generally used on an internet page to promote a brand or a service. Today, there are a number of digital ads that you can use efficiently to boost your social media marketing strategies based on your content, call to action and target audience.


With a speedy growth in the number of mobile users, digital marketers have realised the need to advertise on mobile devices.

Cost Incurred in Digital Advertising

Every ad that we see today has a price to be paid for. Basically, there are three types of costs that are involved in digital advertising strategies.

  1. CPM (cost per mile)

Also known as cost per thousand impression, this method is best for those who mainly focus on brand awareness. In this method, the number of clicks by a visitor is not taken into consideration but what matters is the number of times the link of your website appeared on the webpage of others.

Types of ads for digital markeitng

  1. PPC (Pay per click)

It is the most common form of online advertising used these days. In this model, an advertiser pays each time someone clicks on their page but they do not have to complete a purchase for the publisher to get paid. Target keywords are of much importance in PPC.

  1. CPA ( cost per acquisition)

In this particular method, the advertiser only pays the publisher when someone clicks on the ad and completes the whole transaction.

Types of Ads in Digital Marketing

  1. Social media ads

With a rising trend of social media, the power of running ads on different social media platforms has also become a matter of utmost importance. These ads can be anything from simple banners to an image to auto-play content.

Social media ads can be broadly divided into two categories:

Organic ads:

One of the best benefits of organic advertising is that it is cost-friendly or totally free. It helps you in gaining the trust of your target audience because they feel like a friend is recommending a product to them.

Paid advertising

Companies can now take control of what information they want to give to their customers. They can create a powerful image for themselves and bring them out as brands.

A combination of both

Smart advertisers have started to merge both organic and paid advertising and as a result, they are reaping the benefits of both of them.

  1. Google display ads

They are a type of banner advertisements that can be utilized as a useful part of Google display network that allows you to connect with target customers through video content, banners, pictures etc.

  1. Banner ads

As the name suggests, banner ads are picture-based content that can either show up in the side, top or the base areas of a website. One can purchase an advertisement space in the same way it is done for purchasing space in newspapers.

  1. Mobile Ads

These advertisements show up on phones and tablets through SMS, pictures, MMS, videos etc. The best thing about using mobile ads is that it is an easily targeted communication channel where every customer is unique. As a result, the effectiveness and response levels are much higher than any other form of media.

  1. In-game ads

If you are a gamer, then you would definitely be having an idea about this. In-game ads are those that appear to pop up in laptop or mobile games. They are a great solution for those advertisers who want to deliver time based sensitive information.

  1. E-mail advertising and spams

E-mail ads are those which make through the inbox of customers. They are a sort of commercial which is mostly used to notify customers about sales, discounts, new features or any specific promotions.

Choose widely the most befitting type of ad campaign for your business and achieve tons of success!

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