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Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

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Startups today are emerging as one of the most important segments of the Indian economy. To make the most out of a low-cost budget, they chart out smart digital marketing strategies to acquire more sales and customers. People have now become digital as they are always available on the internet and search for relevant information on various social media platforms, forums, blogs, video sites etc. Their curiosity will not end until they find the best price for their demanded product.


Here is a list of some of the key points that should be considering if you are a startup:

  • Know your product and understand the customer

Startups may become confused because of the availability of the different techniques and channels, opted by established firms to earn a profit. So, before deciding upon any marketing plan, startups should thoroughly know about their product. Start with defining the category of your product as in the name of the brand, logo and website address in order to stand out and make sense. In this era, tastes and preferences of the customers vary from each other and it is really important to understand the intent of each of them to grab a big share of the market.

Marketing strategies

  • A big yes to display advertising

It is the time of digital advertising and to increase brand awareness, create video and graphic advertisements to make a buzz among the web users. Startups can run these ads on different web pages. The most promising and leading platform used for display advertising is the Google Display Network (GDN) that leads to  an increase in the sales figures of your business.

  • Make yourself visible in the digital space

Web presence has become one of the smart ways to remain in the game and give tough competition to other businesses. Consumers belonging to all age brackets use the internet as the first option to gather information and know more about the product.  For startups, the internet works like a boon, as it offers an excellent opportunity to promote a product or service among the users worldwide. Startups should create their online presence just before the launch of their product or service in order to catch the limelight.

  • Start blogging and attract the organic traffic

The power of a blog should never be overlooked by an emerging startup. To quench the thirst of web users, consistent blogging should be adopted to supply a great deal of information to them because if you will not do so, your competitors are ready to walk over you and capture your customer. Blog posting will help you to get a hold on your audience by making them stay for a longer period of time on your website reading your blog. Writing and publishing SEO driven content on your blog will make you rank on the search engines.

  • Digital PR is your well-wisher

To maintain the reputation of your business, social media marketing strategies should be made a regular practice to strike more conversations, increase traffic and monitoring word of mouth.

World’s leading startups make sure that they carry out the above-mentioned digital marketing strategies and adapt themselves to the changing environment to stay in the market and do business better.

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