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Important Reasons to have a Mobile-Friendly Website

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We all have that one small gadget always in our pockets that help us to stay connected globally. With the advent of technology, it is of utmost importance that we build up strong customer base when we create a website. A majority of the customers use this overwhelming invention to access the internet and find their desired products and services online. So, if the businesses have still not got a mobile website, then they should start working in that direction.


With a flooded amount of web traffic surrounding a website, it becomes a duty of a marketer to cater to the needs of every customer and enable them to access their websites easily. This has given a fair point to access any website in a mobile-friendly manner.

What exactly is a mobile-friendly website?

Simply speaking, a mobile-friendly website is one that is designed to fit and scale properly on small screens, such as smart phones and tablets. This means everything on the website will be resized and reformatted to offer an enhanced user experience. Mobile websites should contain essential features with interesting content and links to secondary pages. According to a survey, around 60 percent of the internet traffic comes from the smart devices. So, if you do not have mobile responsive websites, you are missing out on potential customers.

Now, it is clearly understood that a mobile-friendly website:


  • Presents the entire content in a readable manner without the need to pinch and zoom in or out.
  • Offers added value to mobile users.
  • Is easily understood by various search engines.
  • Loads properly on mobile devices and improves lightning speed.
  • Easy to navigate with minimal scrolling.

Here is a list of the important reasons to have a mobile friendly website for your business:

  • Increased search visibility

With an increase in the number of mobile users accessing the mobile websites daily, it has become a necessity to gain their attention by letting them find you easily.  Google prioritises those websites that are SEO driven and therefore, ranks them first on its pages. Simple and clear!

Mobile marketing importance for business

  • Virtual existence of users on the internet through mobile phones

Today, almost everyone has at least one smart device. From gathering a piece of information to purchasing anything, consumers turn to Google to get answers. So, it is important to create a mobile website to align with the users more precisely.

  • Better brand Image

Believe the fact, that customers do take into their account that which websites are beneficial to them, either by saving the links or bookmarking them. In this digitally optimised world, businesses cannot afford to offer a bad experience to people as the first impression is the last one.

  • Reduces bounce rate

Users won’t stay on your website if the content is not readable and optimised properly. If your websites run flash and display add-ons in the browser, then bounce rate will be extremely high.

  • Google punishes those who lack mobile-friendly websites

If your website is misconfigured for your mobile devices, then you will see a drop in your rankings. This is because Google has been changing its algorithms and wants to give accurate information to its users hence, forcing its optimizers to give a deep thought to their content strategies.

Now, it is quite clear that if you want your business to achieve growth, then you should definitely have a mobile-friendly website.

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