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Social Media Rules That Have Changed Entertainment Marketing

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In this fast-paced world, Social Media has emerged as one of the best ways for promoting your products and services. But, today it is not all about it but has become a two-way communication platform where marketers reach out customers and meet their demands by answering to their queries. Being of the world’s fastest growing economies, India also has seen the evolution of the social media networking, and as a result, people are looking out for more and more. This has posed a great challenge for marketers to increase the customer engagement with brands by designing innovative social media marketing strategies to establish a meaningful relationship with customers.


Here’s what we learnt about the trendsetting things that social media do to support engagement marketing:

  • Market interesting and exclusive content to draw the attention of users.

Content is responsible for driving all the web traffic to a website. Therefore it is very much important that extraordinary, curate and interesting content should be offered to people. The popularity of the visual content in any form (videos, gif or images) engages the users more. For example, television show makers promote behind the scenes image clips of the famous personalities for attracting more and more super fans.

  • Perfect timing to post the content

Understand this as reading about the updates of a month old episode of your favouriteTV show. Is it of any use? No. The timing of posting the content should be close to the timing of the show that has to be aired. This is done to earn the highest recall value and to gain the attention of the people. In the case of events and brand promotions, live tweeting and live videos are now being used to keep the people glued to their screens.

Social media rules for business

  • Tone of pitching the content on social media platforms to support entertainment marketing

Social media is not at all about posting the content and serving the internet users only but a lot more than that. In this era, it means getting “Social”. It should always be kept in mind that the tone used to reach the audience has to be very casual and sometimes regional too so that users are able to link themselves with the content. Another thing to observe is to identify the age bar of the customers you are targeting in order to know that which tone works the best for them.

  • Self-promotion takes the front seat off in the car of social media

The best way to bring limelight to your product and service is to self-promote them. Introspect your brand and spread more and more information about it on social media platforms by striking interactive conversations with web users. Marketers can use catchy gifs, images and post customer reviews to empower the brand.

  • Study closely the reaction of your audience

Since the popularity of social media is too high among people, the power of marketing the through it should not be taken lightly. Apart from the analysis that social media tool provides, sentiment analysis can also be done, based on the reaction of people on a particular video or content through comments.

It is now quite clear that the effectiveness of a brand can easily be figured out through social media and marketing your brand through interesting engagement tactics can raise the bar of your business.

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