Google Analytics

google analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytic service offered by Google for free. It assembles all the data that is required to track the website traffic. The average time spent on the website, page views, percentage of the visit, bounce rate, marketing campaigns like PPC, PPM, e-mail and SMS marketing are the things that are tracked by Google Analytics.


How Google Analytics work?

  • If you like to see the statistical data at a mere glance, then you can set it up in the dashboard. All your chosen data like goal completions, traffic rate etc. can be over-viewed here.
  • You can look into the mobile option menu to check how much percentage of the total visits is made from mobile devices.
  • This way, you can analyse the need of the mobile version of your website.
  • Find out the time taken to load website pages and look for the solutions to improve the experience of visitors.
  • Let you discover the exact same keywords that people type on Google in order to improve your search engine optimization.
  • Track the conversion rates and the most ranked pages.

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